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Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Faculty operates and serves 10 faculties of the University of Oradea. Starting from 2 permanent teachers in 1990, today it become a strong team consisting of 34 permanent teachers.

Presentation of the laboratories:

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science laboratories have the following resources and infrastructure materials:

Laboratory of computer networks and data security contains 15 workstations as follows:

  • network with 15 workstations Fujitsu Siemens (AMD 64 3500 +, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB hard drive, monitors 17 ")
  • 3 HP Laser Printers
  • projection screen
  • video projecter
  • board

Database laboratory and programming languages ​​contains 12 workstations as follows:

  • network with 9 workstations Fujitsu Siemens (AMD 64 3500 +, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB hard drive, monitors 17 ") and 3 workstations Fujitsu-Siemens (Celeron 2.8 GHz, 256 MB RAM, 80 GB HDD, monitors 17 ")
  • projection screen
  • projector
  • overhead
  • board

Computers have installed operating systems Windows XP, Vista, Linux and application programs that are necessary for optimal laboratory activities: OpenOffice package, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, Adobe Reader, Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science serves all faculty teaching hours applying mathematics and / or computer by our staff:

  • Faculty of Architecture and Construction
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
  • Department of Energy
  • Faculty of Engineering and Technology Management
  • Department of Environmental Protection
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Faculty of Textiles and Leather

Our department is honored to have obtained consent from University Senate Oradea conferred the title "Doctor Honoris Causa"  following mathematicians:

  • Academician Petre Mocanu, prof. Dr. UBB Cluj Napoca
  • Academician Radu Miron, prof. Dr. at University "A. I. Cuza " Iaşi
  • Prof. Dr. George Micula Babes, prof. Dr. at "Babes Bolyai" University Cluj Napoca
  • Prof. Dr. Georg A. Anastassiou from University of Memphis USA

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is made up of 36 permanent professors, including:

  • 8 university professors
  • 5 associate professors
  • 14 lecturers
  • 6 assistant professors
  • 1 demonstrator professor

Achievements of members of the Mathematics and Computer Science Department :

Books published:

  • 10 monographs published in foreign publishers (Kluwer, Birkhauser Publ. Co., Chapman and Hall, World Scientific Publ. Comp., Nova Science Publ. Inc.. Etc.)
  • 5 monographs in English published in country with ISBN
  • 20 monographs published in Romanian in country with ISBN
  • Annals of the University of Oradea Publishing, beam Mathematics (since 1990, the last no. appeared in 2003 - Tom X) and is reviewed "cover to cover" in Mathematical Reviews and Zentralblatt fur Mathematik)
  •  4 volumes ISBN editing with the National Conference with international participation,  "Conference on Applied and Industrial Mathematics, Oradea, 2005,2007,2009 and 2011"

Articles published:

  • 17 articles published in journals listed by the ISI
  • 40 articles published in the Romanian Academy
  • 209 articles published in ISI unlisted abroad
  • 110 articles published in magazines in the country, accredited by CNSIS, of universities;
  • 154 articles published in other journals and proceedings


Conferences and scientific meetings:

  • 6 editions of "Conference on Applied and Industrial Mathematics" with international participation (editions 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 2003)
  • first edition of the "International Conference on Computers and Communications, Felix, 2004"
  • 4 editions of "International Conference on Sciences" (editions 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011)
  • 13 editions of the "Annual Scientific Session" of the University of Oradea (with external guests)

Referrers, evaluation experts from DMI:

  • refereers / reviewers to Information (ISI), Journal of Systems and Software (ISI), IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics (ISI), Information Fusion (ISI), Computers and Electrical Engineering (ISI), Studies in Informatics and Control (ISI), Information Sciences (ISI), Fuzzy Sets and Systems (ISI), Soft Computing (ISI), Nonlinear Analysis (ISI), Fixed Point Theory and Applications (ISI), Mathematical Reviews, Acta Mathematica Hungarica (ISI), Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications (ISI)
  • co-editors (associate editors) to Constructive Approximation (ISI), Bol. Shock. Matt. Mexicana (ISI), Fuzzy Sets ans Systems (ISI), Approx .. Theorem. Appl., J. Fuzzy Math., Intern. Journal Math. And Math. Sci., Notes on intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets, Studies in Informatics and Control Journal
  • 2 CNCSIS grant assessors
Department office:
  • Prof. Dr. Constantin Popescu - DIRECTOR
  • Prof. Dr. Mircea Balaj - MEMBER
  • Assoc. Dr. Sorin Muresan - MEMBER
  • Lect. univ. Dr. Gratiela Cicortas - MEMBER
  • Lect. univ. Dr. Marian Degeratu - MEMBER

Department directors until 2004:

  • Founder and Director between 1990-1994: Prof.dr. George NADIU
  • Director from 1994-1996: Univ. Dr. Sorin G. GAL
  • Director from 1996-1998: Univ. dr.Gheorghe NADIU
  • Director from 1998-2000: Univ. Dr. Sorin G. GAL
  • Director from 2000-2004: Univ. Dr. Mircea BALAJ
  • Director from 2004-2005: Assoc. Dr. John Dziţac


PHONE: 0040259408257 (Director) / 0040259408430 (office) / FAX: 0040259408461 (Dean)


Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Sciences, University of Oradea
Str. University No.1, CODE 410087 Oradea - Romania, Building C, Room C104


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